Gotcha Safety nets provide total confidence when installing roofing structures & systems. They provide a workspace that is free and uncluttered from the hassle of harnesses and lines.

WHY USE Gotcha Safety Nets

As outlined in the Department of Labour 'Prevention of Falls' Guidelines, safety nets are an approved solution for protecting your workforce.

Gotcha Nets - Another Gotcha net
Another Gotcha net

If your business is roofing, cladding or steel erection then you will know the importance of protecting your employees working at height from falls, and those working below from falling debris and tools.

Gotcha Safety nets provide a complete safety solution for all of the construction trades where other fall arrest systems are not viable.

All Gotcha Safety Net Staff have been trained by the registered world wide governing body for safety nets, FASET certified.

Gotcha Safety Nets provides a total service for health and safety in the roofing industry.

We can provide a fast and effective service that will allow your team to get on with the job quickly while providing you with peace of mind at an affordable price.

Safety netting is the best option for health and safety on roofing projects

Gotcha Nets - Using the nets
Using the nets

When using a Fall Arrest System (safety harness, lanyard and static lines), you only have minutes to extricate the victim from suspension of a fall, and even then they can still suffer severe suspension trauma which can lead to death if not handled correctly.

The Health and Safety Act states that, when working at heights, a fall arrest system should only be used as a last resort if all other measures have been deemed impracticable, safety netting is a practical solution to eliminate the hazard.

Increased confidence by workforce = increased productivity in a safe environment.

Reliance on the employee to be suitably trained and connected at all times using a harness is also eliminated as trained professionals will install the safety netting prior to the roofers coming on site.