Gotcha Safety nets provide total confidence when installing roofing structures & systems. They provide a workspace that is free and uncluttered from the hassle of harnesses and lines.

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If your business is construction then you will know that it makes sense to protect your employees, working at height, from falls and those working below from falling objects or tools.

Revised 'Working at Height' regulations mean doing nothing is not an option, step up and be pro-active, call us for a solution.

Falling from heights is one of the major causes of injury in the construction industry. The use of Construction Safety Nets in the UK, Europe and USA has been legislated for many years, and their use has been mandatory and extensive.

Gotcha Nets - An example of our mets
An example of our nets
All Gotcha Safety Nets are manufactured to conform to the European Standard BS EN 1263-1:2002 and are tagged accordingly, and supplied with Test Swatches for the necessary annual Testing and re-Certification. Note that it is important Safety Nets are installed in accordance with Installation codes of practice, and by suitably trained installers.




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Our Staff have been trained by the registered world wide governing body for safety nets, FASET certified.